Music of the Mountains

Anitha’s House

A Kung Fu Fighter

Stories With Evil Characters

The Dinosaur’s Baby

The Greatest Show

The Net of Darkness

The Cockroaches

Shroedinger’s Cat

To Catch A Grasshopper

The Satan of Jhumrah

A Falconer On The Seaside

The Holy Foot of Goddess Sreeparvathy

Dark Mistress



Dr. S.P. Ramesh

  E. Harikumar

  Usha Prabhakar

  Usha Prabhakar

  E. Asoka Kumar

  E. Sathish Narayan

  E. Harikumar

  E. Harikumar

  E. Asoka Kumar

  E. Harikumar

  E. Madhavan

  E. Asoka Kumar

E. Asoka Kumar

  E. Asoka Kumar

E. Asoka Kumar

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The Dinosaur's Baby and Other Stories
To the  Unknown Realms
Soul In the Orphanage

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The Dinosaur's Baby and other stories is an anthology of short stories translated from Malayalam.

The title story is about a failed salesman undergoing the worst period of his life, according to his horoscope. His son imagines that he has a friendly Dinosaur keeping vigil at his window while he is sleeping. The salesman is a loving father, a loving husband, but fate would have him suffer at the end. Anitha's House is about a girl who works in a company and having an affair with a married man. The story The Net of Darkness is about two elderly sisters staying in a drab atmosphere. Suddenly a girl appears from out of the blue and lights up their lives only for a few months. To Catch a Grasshopper is an award winning story of a small girl whose elder sister is getting married. Instead of attending the marriage the little girl goes to catch grasshoppers so that they would have a lot of money and can come out of the clutches of poverty. There is a belief that grasshoppers bring good luck when it lands in a house. The Cockroaches is the story of a middle class family living in Calcutta with two children. The husband decides not to have the third child that is brewing in his wife's womb, and the young woman is in a dilemma. The Greatest Show is about two very poor children under 10 showing acrobatics in the street. Parallel to that is the life of a man living in a multistory building. He feels remorse and look for these children to help them. The Shroedinger's Cat is about a Physics Professor who gets news about a bomb explosion in Mumbai where his son is working. He is unable to get through to his son.... The Stories with Evil Characters portrays a 10 year old girl writing stories which contain only evil characters. Finally she had to include her Mom and Dad also as evil characters. A Kung Fu Fighter is the story of an 8 year old boy who is in praise of his classmates, one for his fighting ability, one for his talent for singing and a third one for his collection of toy cars. Finally he withdraws from all these and his father tries to find out the reason. When once he finds out the reason he is moved so much.

Two boys and a girl, and a cryptic message coming through three generations in the form of a chess board with an impossible play engraved on it. Journey to the unknown realms in search of the treasure that can be recovered only by the chosen one! The novel is set in the background of a huge ancestral mansion, 200 years old, in a remote village in Kerala, India.

This is the story of three cousins, two boys and a girl. The two boys Kuttan and Nandan chance upon a copper chess board with chess pieces engraved in it suggesting a play in progress. The King is checkmated, but then they realize that such an end game cannot be possible. This realization catapults them to a turbulent but exciting saga of investigations and explorations. The girl, who is sister of the elder cousin, joins them later on but only after the boys have already endured much.

Many a thing that occurs in the attic or outside of the ancestral home cannot be comprehended using the yard-stick of rationality. At times you feel that it must be just the manifestation of feelings of a particular person, a specter. But when the same thing happens to others too it cannot be ruled out as just illusory.

The hunt extents to the fourth generation. It's Nandan's 16 year old daughter, who revives the hope of finding the treasure after a break of many years.
Some sketches are included as in any treasure hunting novel. The sketches are not to scale and included only to give fairly good idea of the ground situation. This book is meant for children as well as adults. Age doesn’t stand in the way of enjoyment of this book.

The orphanage has 16 girls aged 8 to 15 under an old warden who was abusing them, torturing them and threatening them. The girls have no place to go and they suppress their feelings. The food was so poor because of an unscrupulous manager who swindles funds meant for these hapless children. The Church, under which the orphanage runs, finally comes to know the truth - not the full truth, and appoints a young man of 24 with a soul to look after them. Through him the Church finds out the truth in its naked form. They take care of the old warden in a very curious way.

The orphanage runs smoothly under the new young warden and children are happy. But in the meanwhile something terrible happens that upsets the warden and the Priest who looks after the orphanage. There was turmoil in the orphanage.