This portal is dedicated to.........

Edasseri Govindan Nair
poet, playwright and social reformer
(1906 - 1974)

Strictly a Gandhian, he has been my Guru and an everlasting inspiration for literary efforts. He still leads me on.

I owe it to my parents Edasseri Govindan Nair and E. Janaki Amma, both of whom were writers. My mother ceased to write when she got married, a great sacrifice in that it helped my father to devout all his energy to write poems and plays, in short to be a writer and social reformer. Ever since she sacrificed her literary career at the altar of her husband's greater efforts at an early age, she wanted at least one of us to step in where she had stopped. She was happy when I started writing and encouraged me a lot. It is to these parents who have bestowed on me a lot of love, affection and encouragement, that I dedicate this portal.  

Pl. click here for a copy of letter my Mother had written to me way back in December 1960.


Edasseri poems recital
by Jyothibai Padiyarath

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