Urangunna Sarppangal
(The Serpents Dormant)
First published in 1987

The tragic story of a painter whose childhood memories haunted her to the extent of being abstract in her painting, and finally losing her creativity to a dark fate. It also portrays her lover who till the end did not know the dismal fate his lover was destined to.

Asaktiyude Agninalangal
(The Flames of Passion)
First published in 1999.

A childless couple. The wife finds solace in her young brother-in-law resulting in tragedy to the whole family. The novel is about  the woman trapped in time warp finds herself enamored by a recluse. A saga of re-birth, time warp and undying passion

Oru Kudumbapuranam
(A Family Saga)

First published in 1998 by 
Current Books, Thrissur.
Second edition now available with
Poorna Publications, Kozhikode

A humorous account of the family of Josaphettan and Thressiamma and their maid Parukutti, narrated in 13 hilarious episodes.

Engine Drivere Snehicha Penkutty
(The Girl Who Loved An
Engine Driver
First published in 2000 by 
D.C. Books, Kottayam

The story of a girl working as a typesetter. She has an enigmatic personality that attracts an engine driver. The fact that they belong to two different religion does not deter them from going ahead.

Ayanangal (The Solstices)
First published in 2003 by 
Haritham Books, Kozhikode.

The Bombay Film world in the seventies. A girl aspiring to be a top film star is lured by glitter of the film world only to find the going tough.

Daughter of Anoop
Ayanangal, a novel with Mumbai Film World in the background.
The struggle to go to the top.

(On the banks of the Lakes)

A 19 year old boy who goes to Calcutta early 1960s for a job. His strange relations with a 45 year old lady and her daughte

Pranayathinoru Software
(A Software For Love)

First published in 2006 by
Poorna Publications,

Two software engineers  work in the same floor of a multi-national firm without knowing that destiny is connecting them in a curious way. The boy and girl come out of a short but stormy encounter. A hilarious theme spread in just 72 pages for your reading pleasure.

 A novel in the background of the 50s featuring the downfall of the landlords and the upcoming of the lower strata of society. A story of loose living and adultry.

(novel in Malayalam by E. Harikumar)
Published by: Poorna Publications
G.H. Road, 
Kozhikode 673 001
Price: Rs. 80.00


Two boys and a girl and a message waiting for them in the form of a chess board with an impossible play position in it, from a person died long ago. One of the boys when he grows up cracks the code in the play with help from his daughter to find the most amazing thing they could imagine! A novel full of esotericism and suspense.